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National Federal Credit Union

Savings & Investments

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Mission and Purpose

Credit Unions are people-oriented financial institutions. They are non-profit cooperatives, formed, owned and operated for a single purpose: to help members help one another financially.
The first credit union in the United States was established more than 87 years ago. From that day to this, credit union philosophy has never varied from the basic principles of self-help and mutual aid.
To accomplish its purpose, your credit union operates on the basis of these objectives:


  1. Encourage thrift among members, thus creating a pool of lendable funds;
  2. Make member-loans at reasonable rates of interest;
  3. Pay a fair rate of return on member-savings, and
  4. Provide helpful member financial services.
The credit union exists not for profit, not for charity, but to serve the economic well-being of its members.

Credit Union Ownership

The members own the credit union. People join the credit union by establishing share accounts for their savings. Your share account is your share of the credit union.

Annually, the credit union membership elects individuals from its own ranks who have agreed to serve designated terms as members of the Board of Directors. It is these fellow members of your credit union who exercise general control of the credit union's activities for the benefit of the entire membership.

This unique method of electing members of the credit union to serve on its Board of Directors ensures that there is a cross-section of the views and financial aspirations of the vast majority of the members. As a result, Board decisions generally reflect quite closely the interests of the membership as a whole. Like all other volunteers, the members of the Board of Directors receive no compensation for their services.


To be a member of the NAPFE Credit Union, you need to:

  • Be a member of the NAPFE Labor Union or a family dependent of a member or an employee of the NAPFE

  • Open an account with at least $30.00 and maintain a minimum share balance of $30.00 in your account at all times

To qualify for any type of loan, you must be a member of the NAPFE Federal Credit Union for ninety (90) days.



Management and Officers

Board Of Directors
James M. McGee, Chairman
David A. Cage, Vice-Chairman
Noel Murrain, Secretary
Warren Powell, Treasurer
Ernestine Taylor, Member

Jeff Perrell

Credit Committee
Tommie Wilson, Loan Officer
Frank Braxton, Secretary

Supervisory Committee
Jacquelyn C. Moore, Chairman
Gail Thames, Member